reef reset

Out with the old...

Last Saturday, Melev's Reef had a viewing party.  Locals were invited to watch the transformation of the 400g which was desparately in need of a major clean-out.  Corals had grown into massive colonies, completely shading whatever was beneath. Flow was obstructed, and the prettiest view was really only from above. Daily I saw the dead supporting skeleton holding up the living section above, and it was hard to 'like' my reef in that condition.

I flew in Duane, a longtime buddy of mine who excels in resetting a reef tank. He knows what to get rid of, what to save as mini-colonies, and how to arrange it best for a beautiful reef once more. Being as attached as I was to my livestock -- after all how often do you ever hear about me fragging corals? -- it was best that he do this for me, because I'd end up saving every scrap of life to my detriment.

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