Website outages may occur

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Website outages may occur

Just a heads up to everyone, there's a lot going on. I had expected to get the newer version of the website done by now, but this project below took up all my time for the past couple of weeks. Melev's Reef may be down briefly over the next week as some technical stuff is being handled behind the scenes.  

This is Minion, my new CNC router setup. The installation has been quite a process but it is nearing completion and should be running soon.

The newer version of the website needs more of my time before the big reveal, so for now it's a waiting game. I'll need a few weeks of dedicated time to transfer and update content from this version to the newer one, then I'll reveal it when it is perfect.  :)

And yes, more youtube videos will come out soon. Sorry for the dry spell. When I"m not doing all this, I'm building customer orders, since that is what pays the bills.